"Let, Nature be your teacher."

"Let, Nature be your teacher."

"Let, Nature be your teacher."


Environmental & Conservation Education Services

"Bon with GURU" is an edx education-focused program that specializes in connecting children and families to the country's great outdoors through education & hands-on experiences.

The growing importance of environmental education today is evident in the increase and wide range of programs available from the pre-school to the university level, in a wide variety of forms. This expansion is set against a backdrop of increasingly complex and intertwined environmental, social, and economic issues that societies currently face. Proponents of environmental education (in the broadest sense of the word) see learning by exposure to the "natural" world as a vehicle to facilitate an integrated understanding of the complexities, but also the beauty of, interactions between humans and other species within the biosphere.

In this way, environmental education is coming to be seen as an investment in healthy, critically-thinking generations of children with a strong connection to their environment, an investment that is crucial to the future of the planet This also focus to provide a guide for educators and parents interested in the topics of education and the environment, with information on both the basic logistical components of programs and an analysis of what makes the program outstanding.

The scope of the study includes those programs where outdoor and environmental education are fully integrated into the daily activities of the children, and run by the school itself. The study excludes all programs and schools where environmental or outdoor education are ,outsourced to other We are also aimed to shape students & citizen's knowledge, attitudes, and behavior toward society, the nation, and towards the mother country through this program which indeed need of time.


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Environmental and Conservation Events

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Basics of Photography


Who is Thushara Palliyaguruge..?

Thushara Palliyaguruge is a famous as an expeditor, hiker, a wildlife photographer and a naturalist , someone who studies animal's life and behaviors in the wild. His current mission is trying to encourage people to give their heart about preserving beautiful wildlife and think of eco-travel options and various other possibilities to well preserve the wonderful nature for the future.

He is currently servings as a board of director to the AWPC, Asian Wildlife Photographers club as well as Asian Wild Aid Foundation. Previously Thushara has worked in sustainability and on wildlife documentaries with Nadegura as a pioneer member.

"I describe myself as a naturalist and adventurer. When I was working on documentaries I realized that there was a huge opportunity to raise awareness of conservation issues through travel"

I have a deep-rooted concern and a strong feeling to treat the nature compassionately, that includes both animals and plants. Hence, if I have any ambition at all, that would be solely to conserve the true beauty of the nature and wild life.

Nothing amuses me more than being in the wild. Some call me "The Wild Boy" and which as a matter of fact is correct. I also prefer introducing myself a Yogi. The Philosophy and meditation are two things I embrace wholeheartedly.

My activities also come under the titles of "Wildlife Photographer", "Wildlife Enthusiast", "Nature Activist", "Tour Guide" and a "Traveler".

Photography is the best among many of my hobbies. I love sharing the beautiful moments and places captured by me in the wild with the world. For the reason being so, I have introduced country's many hidden attractions through travel videos as a presenter of Nadegura Conservation Society, at the very beginning of digital era. Soon, many of the young generation got attracted to the adventure travelling by following my footsteps. Later, this was vastly spread all over Sri Lanka. Today I am happy about guiding the society and young generation to protect and conserve our heritage for the future.

The happiness that I enjoy capturing the wildlife is incomparable. Knowing the value and true meaning of nature and wildlife, I do not hesitate to voice out or take action against any threats to the nature.

My wish is that, every human being love the nature and absorbs the divine serenity it offers lavishly. Because, without the plants and animals, there will never be a mankind.

As the famous Scottish-American Naturalist, John Muir says "The Mountains are calling and I must go."

- Thushara Palliyaguruge


Learn about nature and the mysteries that it holds with this amazing collection of outdoor activities for kids & teens

“This list especially includes nature study ideas, outdoor science ideas, and nature crafts for students ,teens & families”

Safaris, Nature walk & Bird watching for kids

"Plant and Animal Observation, Identifying and Cataloging"

One of the best things to do on a nature walk & safaris are to simply observe what nature has to offer. Learn how to take photograph , listing & identify species.

Scavenger Hunt

"Plant and Animal Observation, Identifying and Cataloging"

Oftentimes in a scavenger hunt, objects are hidden throughout the search area and the children then search out these items. However, instead of looking for pre-hidden objects, students can look for plants, animals, and objects found in nature. For example, this ‘Nature Scavenger Hunt Grid’ sets out some basic things to look for such as water, a spider web, and bark. Use this Bingo sheet created by our team.

Hiking, Climbing and camping experiences

"Plant and Animal Observation, Identifying and Cataloging"

Students can construct detailed maps as they explore. During their walk, they can note the tracks, rivers, landmarks, or other unique natural features. These maps could even be given to other students in different grade levels to facilitate exploration activities, such as a treasure hunt. You can vary this activity’s difficulty level by changing what students are required to map. For example, older kids could include topographical information, scales, and grid lines, Compass reading & Survival safety tips to name a few. If you’re able to extend your time outdoors, having a snack or meal is a great way to take a break while you’re exploring the outdoors. Use the opportunity to enjoy some bird watching or talk with children about what they have seen and learned. Or if they have taken photos, take some time to share and discuss them as a class.

Collect Art Supplies

"Plant and Animal Observation, Identifying and Cataloging"

Not only could students look around their surroundings for artistic inspiration on nature walks, they could collect objects to be included in a piece of art, such as feathers, pieces of bark, dried leaves, seed pods or sticks (make sure you do your research on plants in your area so you’re sure what you collect is safe to use).

Conservation activities

Planting Trees, Beach clean ups , Cleanup programs in nature related areas.

“It’s a great idea to take some big garbage bags along with you on your walk and pick up some trash if you see it lying around. This can be a segue into some Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Lesson Ideas. Many of these hands-on project ideas can be adapted for any grade."

Investigate Local Watersheds

Forests provide a variety of ecosystem services and help to maintain a clean and plentiful water supply. Older students may want to explore the connection between forests and watersheds, and evaluate the extent to which their own community’s water supply is affected by forests and forest management.

Wild Edx Jamboree gathering

It’s a knowledge sharing entertaining experience for first time in sri lanka.

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